Schedule 2012

  • STAND 1.- A journey inside the brain (Marta G. & Magdalena)
    Neurons, energy at a small scale.

  • STAND 2.- Rein-force- and play with your mind (Jose Montejo)
    Some magicians can move things with their minds, and Jedi knights can do it with the aid of “The Force”… but they are not the only ones that are able to do so. With a bit of Science, anyone can become a magician and imitate movie heroes. In this workshop we saw how things can be moved without being touched, how a machine without an engine can move non-stop, how to use water as a fuel, or how to control some nature elements. The public could found out the Force that controls all these phenomenons.

  • STAND 3.- Cold, cold… hot, hot (Beatriz Ramajo)
    Thermal and calorific phenomenons are part of our daily lives. Therefore, “heat” and “temperature” are words that we all use frequently although usually in a wrong way. Sometimes we identify hot with a material ingredient of bodies and we say, for example, that we close the windows to prevent heat from escaping. Some other times we comment that it is hot or that something is hot when there is a high temperature. In this case we are wrongly assuming that temperature measures the heat. This workshop consisted of several simple experiments to show the differences between heat and  temperature…

  • STAND 4.- Renew energy (Héctor & Consuelo)
    Can you make a lantern with a lemon? Do you know how fattening is food? Can a car move with alcoholic drinks? Can you light your city by doing exercise? Matter is energy and this workshop showed how this conversion can be done from several kinds of materials that are available for everyone.

  • STAND 5.- Light Energy (Alfonso Fernández & Cristina Sariego)
    Light is energy and the sun is our greater source of light. Light is essential for the development and for the life of most organisms. For sure you know lots of artificial light sources… but are you sure that you know everything about light? We encouraged the public to play with light to know its nature and its behaviour by means of simple experiments. Does light travel in a straight line? How is it transported? Are shadows really dark?…. The attendees found answers to these questions and much more at our stand.

  • STAND 6.- Magnetism, it’s attractive! (Beatriz Vallina)
    Magnetism is essentially a very complex quantum relativistic phenomenon and its study at a microscopic level can be considered as one of the most attractive branches of modern Physics. However, its macroscopic effects are very well known and all of us have experienced some time with the attractive and repulsive forces between two magnets.

  • STAND 7.- Coloring pencils, scissors and action!
    Drawing contest