Different Workshops were held during the Night, some of them being:

  • Physical activity to improve your immunity system.
  • “DNA takeaway”.
  • The essence of what we eat.
  • Do our senses mislead us when we eat?
  • Workshop on Bioluminiscents Bacteries, lights of aquatic pollution.
  • Why so many people sneeze when breathing?.
  • “Sense and Wine”.
  • In vitro cell and tissue culture of grapevine workshop.
  • “The power of material surfaces”.
  • “Playing with Physics”.
  • Chemistry Magic.
  • Chemical Engineering workshop. Assistants will be able to see the technology required for a sustainable energy and water treatment.
  • Mathematics workshops.
  • Electricity and electromagnetism.
  • Energy in the world.
  • Immediate analysis of sports players responses.
  • Visual interventions on walls “mural art in vivo”.
  • Market, money and credit: a walk through History.
  • Exhibition Fotciencia.

Additionally some Conferences about Genetics and a Round Table were held during the Night. The attendees could also play some Interactive games (Virtual Labs, Chemistry and Mathematic games) and were able to visit the exhibition on scientific photography Fotciencia during all the Night.

The Drawing Contest had its own space in The Night.

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