The Researchers’ Night 2013 in Santander

The Researchers’ Night 2013 will be held in Cantabria on the 27th of September at the Universidad de Cantabria, in Santander.

The Institute of Physics, the Environmental Hydrological Institute, and the International Institute for Prehistoric Research will combine their efforts in this event.

Together, the three research institutes propose a series of experiments and workshops for all audiences, encouraging people to interact with scientist. It is expected to develop different activities and workshops mostly related to water, such as the following:

  • Water for past human groups
  • Water as a climatic change indicator
  • Everybody go to Master classes
  • Look at the sky
  • The science of Surfing: Physics, Water and Wave
  • Walking by the sea with researchers: water, pollutions, archaeological and current shell, and clouds
  • Playing with Physics in Santander: gymkana
  • Photography: Workshops for a Water-view
  • Curious minds, curious lives

The Drawing Contest will have its own space during the Night.


Contact point
Ana Mª Marín
942 201 404
Av. Los Castros
39005 – Santander