The Researchers’ Night 2013 in Murcia

The Researchers’ Night 2013 will be held in Murcia at the Cuartel de Artillería (C/ Cartagena, s/n).

The research fields emphasized will be Neuroscience ans Sustainable Energies. The activities and workshops performed will related to the following topics:


  • R+D+i at the Universidad de Murcia
  • Mediterranean sea and research
  • Production of plants in vitro
  • Water: a place to live, learn and take care of
  • Native varieties. Production and estraction of seeds
  • Science has no borders
  • ColorChemistry
  • Physics for everyone
  • Recreational Mathematics
  • Eat well to live better
  • Brain-Computer Interface: the power of mind
  • Archeology: what’s hidden under our feet?
  • SRGX Project: augmented 3D reality controlled trhough the mind
  • Prevention, the best medicine
  • “How you see a scientist?” drawing contest
  • Microorganisms, an inexhaustible resource
  • Young researchers of the future (IES Floridablanca)
  • Energy and sustainable mobility 2013
  • Recreational Chemistry – The night of Walpurgis
  • Fluorescence of chlorophylls in plants (CEBAS)
  • Gaceta de la Noche de los Investigadores – Workshop on Scientific Journalism
  • Workshop on writing in Science
  • ColorLAB: Artistic workshop Taller for children
  • Analysis of the credibility of witness: does the polygraph work?
  • Applications of the X-ray difraction in forensic expert evidence
  • Insects in forensic research
  • Looking for the trace of the crime
  • Psycology – Experiencing with the mind
  • Veterinary anatomy. New techniques for organ preservation
  • Act, think and fell like an archeologist: prehistoric burials


  • New materials in art exhibition
  • Technology and art
  • Science Graffiti
  • Live radio: Science&Media
  • Musical show by a flok group of Guadalupe
  • Rock concert, by the Dark Energy Experience group


  • Aquarium in the Universidad de Murcia
  • Museum in the Universidad de Murcia


Contact point
Universidad de Murcia
Vicerrectorado de Investigación
C/ Cartagena, s/n
30002 – Murcia