The Researchers’ Night 2013 in Girona

The Researchers’ Night 2013 will be held in Girona on 27th September at the courtyard of the Casa de Cultura (Plaça de l’Hospital, 6). 



  • Start of the activities with a great batucada.
  • Party with chocolate.


  • Welcome ceremony

Throughout the evening

  • Turn into a scientist for one day !
  • Interact with workshops exhibitions, experiments, contests, games and shows.
  • Shall we remember? Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Darwin, Marie Curie… All of them have been at the Researchers’ Night to explain you their research. Live again the previous editions with us and remember the scientists that took part in them !!
  • How is the water in the Onyar? Analyze it!
  • Do you know what an Einstenitzador is? Come and see it!
  • The kitchen, your laboratory.
  • Dare to enter a cave and paint as did the troglodytes.
  • We have a very special patient that needs to be cured!
  • Participate in the “Draw a scientis” contest.
  • Matemagics, Physics, Chemistry, water, minerals…and much more things! You’ll be amazed by the fascinating experiments that will be carried out by researchers from the UdG.


  • Grand finale with the most dinàmiks experiments by Dani Jiménez.


Contact point
Sílvia Simon Rabasseda
Plaça de l’hospital, 6
17002 – Girona
Additional information
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By SANITAS project