The Researchers’ Night 2013 in Badajoz & Cáceres

The Researchers’ Night 2013 in Badajoz and Cáceres will take place in the respective campuses of the Universidad de Extremadura.

The activities proposed aim at discovering the research facilities available at this regional university for the general public, students, children, research centres and enterprises, as well as making the research professional career closer to society. The main goal is to let people know researchers’ motivation and character traits such as energy, constancy and perseverance which are necessary skills to perform their job. In line with the social and economic background of our region, we will also focus on activities showing the research contribution to water, sustainable energy and the importance of cooperatives in the economic development of rural areas of Extremadura.

Different Workshops and practice demonstrations will be held, some of them being:

  • Magic Chemistry (Magician flame, golden rain, do you want to play to CSI?…)
  • Mathematics don’ lie
  • “Catch your DNA”. Participants will takeaway their DNA
  • Workshop on electromagnetism
  • Rocket launch.
  • “Eat with Science”. Demonstrations based on  the physical and chemical aspects of food ingredients
  • Let’s play with food texture!
  • Acrobatic games. Practical demonstrations of acrobatic and circus exercises
  • “Fis & Kids”, simple experiences to awaken curiosity and interest for science and physics;
  • Playing with physics” including the practical presentation of 24 toys based on this science.
  • Chemistry Enginery workshop to bring closer the appropriate technology for energy solutions and water treatment.

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