Feb 042011

This morning, Ferran Feixas has obtained the PhD in theoretical and computational chemistry. The PhD thesis is entitled: “Analysis of chemical bonding and aromaticity from electronic delocalization descriptors” and has been supervised by Prof. Dr. Miquel Solà, Dr. Eduard Matito and Dr. Jordi Poater. The committe of the thesis dissertation has been composed by Prof. Dr. M. Yáñez (UAM, Madrid), Prof. Dr. M. Swart (UdG, Girona), Dr. X. Fradera (Merck, Boston) and Dr. X. López (EHU, Donosti).

For the first time, it has been possible to follow the thesis dissertation via streaming, thanks to the demand by some present and former members of the IQC who are working abroad (USA, Sweden, Italy, The Netherlands), as well as to facilitate to follow it to people who has been working today in the morning. The peak of people following the event through the web has been 29, a fact that can be considered a success taking into account the specialized subject of the present thesis in the field of theoretical and computational chemistry. Finally, the event has been recorded and it can be viewed at any time for future interest.

Watch live streaming video from canaludg at livestream.com

And finally when Ferran Feixas has become Dr. Ferran Feixas!!!

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