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Jul 022010

ImageStarting monday 5 july the iqc along with its science communication partner c4d will start the amplification of the IX Girona Seminar. The Girona Seminar is indeed a “hard science” meeting, where communication is held mainly with peers in theoretical chemistry. However, it is also interesting and socially necessary to address both other colleagues in Science and Society, to increase public awareness of Science.

We would like the meeting to benefit the community of researchers in this particular field of science. However, we would also like to benefit the community. Thus, we need the collaboration of participants and researchers which have not been able to participate, through blog posts and tweets, while increasing visiblity in social networks like Facebook. All in all, we need amplification.

What does amplification mean?

According to Allan Cho, there a few ways to amplify a meeting:

  • Amplification of the audiences’ voice: Audience members through the use of such social media technologies (such as Twitter) can create online discourse during the sessions in real-time
  • Amplification of the speaker’s talk: Widespread and inexpensive video and audio-conferencing technologies
  • Amplification across time: With low-cost technologies, presentations are often made available after the event, with use of podcasting or videocasting technologies
  • Amplification of the speaker’s slides: With social media lightweight technologies, (such as Slideshare) entire presentations can simply be uploaded, shared, and embedded on other Web sites and commented upon
  • Amplification of feedback to the speaker: Micro-blogging technologies (such as Twitter) are being used not only as for discourse and knowledge exchange among conference participants
  • Amplification of collective memory: With the widespread availability of inexpensive digital cameras, photographs are often uploaded to popular photographic sharing services
  • Amplification of the learning: With the Web resources and social media technologies, following links to resources and discourse about the points made by a speaker during a talk propagates the learning which takes place at an event.
  • Amplification of the historical conference record: The ‘official’ digital resources such as slides, video and audio recordings which have been made by the conference organizers

It should be noted that the very concept of amplified conference was already commented by Brian Kelly in his UK Web Focus blog. Actually, he referred to earlier use of this concept by Lorcan Dempsey and Matt Jukes.

This IX Girona seminar will hold a few of these amplifications.

First of all, we encourage all attendants and people outside the physical meeting to tweet and use hashtag #9gisem. Remember that the IQC will tweet through its nicks @iqcudg and @iqcgi, while the C4D will tweet by means of @c4dudg.

Presentations will be recorded by the UdG Library, and deposited in the UdG open-access digital library. All lectures must sign a written agreement. Indeed, if they prefer not to be recorded, it is perfectly fine.

Abstracts and powerpoint-like presentations will be gathered in social networking services like Slideshare.com.

All poster presenters will be asked a one-minute oral presentation which will be recorded and podcasted. Likewise, selected speakers will be asked to hold an interview which will be recorded and transcribed into English and Catalan, focusing into the more applied and social aspects of their talk.

Indeed, social events like the excursion to Besalú, meals and visit to Girona’s old city will be tackeld in IQC’s blogsite. Should anyone prefer not to show up in photos or videos, please contact the organitzation.

A journalist of the UdG journal “Engega” will cover the event and may interview shortly participants.

The whole meeting will be covered through covertitlive.com

Thus, special attention to the IQC blog: http://iqc.udg.edu/blog and to tweets through #9gisem hashtag.

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займ на карту займ на карту срочно без отказа